the secret formula we use to make our ground beef taste so good

The 100% grass fed ground beef we produce at Heartstone Farm is really good. And it’s not just me saying that. We have more reviews for our ground beef than any other cut we sell.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this email from a customer in Maine: “OK, I need to know how the heck you get your ground beef to taste so darned good!”

And recently the Portland Press Herald did an article that described our burgers as “really beefy.”

Chef Dan Barber - a recognized leader in the farm to table movement - puts it this way:

“With conventional beef, what you’re tasting is fat: nutty and greasy. There’s an oily quality that coats your mouth. One thing that’s missing is real beefiness. The flavor comes from the fat, rather than the animal itself. Grassfed beef has a taste that’s clean and rich, and undeniably beefy.”

How does your state rank for burger consumption?

New York 219 burgers a year ranking 26th

Vermont 200 burgers a year ranking 33rd

Maine 184 burgers a year ranking 42nd

Massachusetts 179 burgers a year ranking 45th

New Hampshire 176 burgers a year ranking 46th


There are other contributors to our burgers tasting so good. We don’t stress our herd. We handle them gently, never yelling or using electric prods. On hot days, we make sure they have shade. We move them from pasture to pasture at least once a day. They always have mineral supplements in their pastures. And clean, fresh water always.

But it does come down to the grass. Our cattle love our Maine pastures and the beautiful grasses that flourish here. Clover, timothy, Sorghum-sudan…to name just a few of the grasses you’ll find them grazing on.

That’s what you’re tasting - the goodness of our Maine grass. I guess you could call it “beefy” tasting.


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