Heartstone Farm

Crockpot Box


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We love our Crockpots - especially on crisp Sundays here in Maine! And Crockpots are good for so many beef dishes - roasts, stews, chili, and more!

Our 100% grassfed beef is dry aged for 14 days - and it makes the best hearty dinners you can imagine.

Your gift recipients will love this box - and, if you're lucky, they'll invite you over!

What’s included:

2 lbs Ground Beef (perfect for chili, meatloaf, or burgers)

3 lbs Short Ribs (perfect for the Crock Pot)

2 lbs Stew Meat (who doesn’t love beef stew?)

1 Roast (avg 2.5-3.5 bs) (for pot roast)

Makes 20 servings

NEW!  🇺🇸  FREE SHIPPING  to 34 states (orders over $99) DETAILS