Heartstone Farm

The Maine Box - Summer Edition


Just in time for summer grilling - Our top-selling Maine Box gives you and your family a great assortment of delicious 5-star 100% grassfed beef from our farm here in Charleston, Maine.

We've added a few grilling favorites into the Summer Edition - so you've got tons of favorites everyone in the family will enjoy -  Ribeye and Porterhouse steaks, kebab meat, and, of course, burgers!

See complete list of what's included below 

The Maine Box - Summer Edition is perfect for families who don't have a separate freezer; we designed it to fit in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. 

We've sold over 700 Maine Boxes in the past 12 months - and gotten hundreds of 5-star reviews.


"The shipment arrived on time and the contents were what we all hope to get; frozen rock solid and clearly labeled which made my wife and I very happy. What came as a surprise and very appreciated was the pamphlet containing cooking directions for grass fed beef as we had never cooked it before. I defrosted the ribeyes for the next days dinner, followed the aforementioned directions, and enjoyed every bite. It truly reminded me of the beef from when I was a kid. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase." - David Madden, Walpole, MA




98 Servings - 34 total pounds

2 Ribeye Steaks (avg. 10 oz each)

2 T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks (avg 1 lb each)

2 Marinating Steaks such as Chuck Steak or Sirloin Tip Steak (avg 1 lb each)

2 Sirloin Steaks (Avg. 10 oz)

12 Big Steak Burger Patties 

4 lbs Short Ribs

3 lbs Kebab Meat

4 lbs Shaved Steak

12 lbs Ground Beef (in 1 lb packages)



  • Conveniently packaged - 1 lb packages except for roast and short ribs
  • Avg 85/15 fat content for ground beef and patties
  • 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished on our farm in Maine
  • All Natural - No Antibiotics - No Hormones
  • 14-Day Dry Aged
  • USDA inspected
  • Flash Frozen and Wrapped In Air-Tight Cryovac
  • Will Last 12 Months In Your Freezer


I'm super proud of our Maine Box. We launched our Maine Box assortment at the beginning of 2020 and we've sold over 600 since then. I hand-picked the assortment myself because I had heard from so many customers that they were interested in a Quarter Share or a Side. But they didn't have a separate freezer - or their household was just one or two.  In a way, the Maine Box is like a 1/8 share - you get 34 pounds of beef in a Maine Box as compared to 85 in a Quarter Share. 


Heartstone Farm beef is 100% grassfed on our family farm in Charleston, Maine. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones - and we treat our cattle with love and kindness. We practice regenerative agriculture - including moving our herd to new pastures daily.

Our cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished.

That means they do not receive any grain or corn - ever.

We do not use antibiotics or hormones - ever.

We maintain a stress-free enviroment for our cattle - we treat them humanely.

Our cattle have access to the outdoors 365 days a year.

COME VISIT US: We think transparency is a must when you're raising something as important as the food a family serves. Each summer we have monthly farm visit days for our customers (and prospective customers). Keep an eye out for announcements of the dates.


We ship your order to you from our farm in Maine. All of our packaging can be composted or recycled (no styrofoam). Until we pack your box, our meat is kept in our freezers (at 0 degrees). We use ice blankets and dry ice to keep your precious meat super cold during its trip to you. Our packing team (our neighbors) like to say they are packing every order like it's going to their "favorite aunt."

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$14.95 under $99.

At this time we are no longer shipping outside of the Northeast. 


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