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Chuck Steak - 100% Grass Fed 14-Day Dry Aged


$15 per steak avg. .85-1.1 lbs

Chuck Steaks are a great alternative to more expensive steaks (like Ribeyes and Porterhouses). They can be great on the grill - especially when they are marinated.

Chuck steaks require a little more prep than more expensive cuts, but the value makes them worth the effort. You can prepare a delicious chuck steak in the over or slow cooker, but also great for grilling. Just remember, the longer you grill a steak the tougher it will get, so try to stay at medium or medium rare to achieve a tender result.

Learn more about Chuck Steaks - click here.

  • 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished on our farm in Maine

  • All Natural - No Antibiotics

  • 14-Day Dry Aged

  • USDA Inspected

  • Flash Frozen and Wrapped In Air-Tight Cryovac - Will Last 12 Months In Your Freezer

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