The Heartstone Beef gets better with each meal, especially in the slow-cooker during the winter months. My wife and I are very pleased.
— Dan Borvan, Melrose, MA

We have had the most wonderful meals with the beef. We have put a decent dent in the ground beef. We have also cooked one of the roasts. That came out beautifully, so tender and bursting with juices. We have all really enjoyed our bounty. I will never buy beef from the store again!!
— Amy Lowe, Portland, ME

I’ve had couple of steaks and nearly finished my first box of hamburger. What strikes me about the burger is that there is relatively little fat (I believe it’s supposed to be 10%, but it just burns off, and I’m happy to eat whatever is left). The meat has a stronger taste than what I’ve bought in the grocery store. The biggest thing about it is that I know that I’m eating healthy food, and feel comfortable eating more beef! and I love that. I have some time off this week, and plan to look for recipes for cuts that I haven’t cooked before, like shin and brisket. I’m looking forward to experimenting and trying recipes. I do hope to visit your farm in the spring. Thanks Dan
— Pete Cariani, Framingham, MA

Dan, the beef is some of the best tasting beef I ever had!!We have had the ground beef and ribeye so far. I may be looking to see if you have any stew beef to sell? I would not mind getting some more.
— John Haney, Hermon, ME
Best beef Farm in Maine. Outstanding quality and superb flavor.
— Matty Haskell, owner Blaze Restaurants, Bangor and Bar Harbor

We just had the best beef. It’s grass fed beef from Heartstone Farm. Thanks Dan. We will be ordering more.
— Cindy Dorr Lanpher, Southwest Harbor, ME

So far we have tried rib-eye steak and hamburgers and loved both of them. The meat is excellent quality and we are really enjoying it.
— Barbara Luddy, Reading Mass.

My husband and I shared one of the larger porterhouse steaks over the weekend. It was one of the best we have ever had! Flavor was wonderful and it was extremely tender!! We will definitely be interested in placing an order next year!
— Nancy Hanlon, Brewer, ME

My first time trying grass fed Beef.
My kids ate more than usual, and it had amazing flavor. Incredible Quality.
— Kimberly Archer, Orland, ME

Excellent! Made some Frikadellers (Danish meatballs) that were awesome and some beef stew so far. What a difference from store bought. Will def be ordering again! maybe have to go pick it up this time to check out the farm!
— Lonna Nielsen, N. Berwick, Maine
Best beef I ever tasted. Dan has got a quality operation going and he has put his heart, passion and smarts into what he’s doing and it shows in the quality of his beef.
— Chuck Goldman, Hingham, MA

Delivery was timely as promised and I found you courteous and professional. Thus far we’ve had ground beef and some steaks. Both very tasty with a distinct more full flavor but not quite as fatty as store bought beef. It’s flavorful but more heart healthy which I can appreciate. Thus far I’m pleased.
— -Bridgett/Tony Harrison, Derry, NH

I’m 67 years old and I’m being honest when l tell you l have always used ketchup on meatloaf But no more the flavor is incredibly delicious. We definitely plan on continuing to order from you again when it’s time to restock our freezer.
— Tom and Kathleen Cote, N. Berwick, ME

I’ve been meaning to email you for over a week, the beef is awesome! We have in the past just bought less expensive cuts of meat, to save money—but having the good cuts now has encouraged me to expand in my meat cooking abilities. It is working out great and we are enjoying it so much! The first batch of hamburg I cooked I could tell the difference in quality just by the smell while it cooked. We have since also cooked up a sirloin and a rump steak, and both were tender and delicious. I marinated the rump steak in red wine, garlic and rosemary... so good. Thank you!!
— Jaime Shorey, Bangor, ME

This Beef was magnificent! As a beef lover, I can’t believe a burger or a steak could be this good. I’m hungry for more! Thanks so much, kids really enjoyed, as did I. Wicked tasty, as we say in the old neighborhood. Thanks so much for all!
— Joe Zwiebel, Sturbridge, MA