100% Grass fed and Grass Finished  - Our cattle consume nothing but their mother's milk and the natural grasses from the open pastures they graze - their entire life. 

No Grain or Animal By-Products - Of course, 100% grass fed simply means no grains are ever fed to our cattle. It's just as important to us that our cattle are never fed any animal by-products.


Family Farmer Raised -  We're dedicated to  producing great quality gourmet beef and to having a personal relationship with our customers and their families.

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Humane Treatment  - Our cattle graze open pastures their entire lives and are never feedlot-confined. 



I have eaten at every major steakhouse there is and I can tell you without question that the steaks from your farm were the best I have ever tasted.
— Chuck Goldman, Boston
Absolutely amazing!!!!! Have tried everything from the burgers to the T-bone steaks!!! Really looking forward to visiting the farm later this spring!!
— Andrea Kolden, Hudson, NH
I’ve had this beef and it was spectacular!... OMG!
— Scott and Hether Shulman, Peterborough, NH


Behind the scenes at Heartstone Farm - new video from UMaine Extension

I love steak. And burgers. And a good roast that simmers all day in our Crock Pot. But a few years ago I stopped buying beef at the grocery store. It didn't really have any taste and I knew it came from cattle raised on factory farms.

But - like I said - I love beef and so does my family. So we made a choice to start raising our own. When we shared our grass fed ground beef and steaks with our friends and relatives, they wanted more. Well, you know, one thing led to another - our herd grew and pretty soon we were in the beef business.

We love it! We love the animals on our farm and we love providing great tasting nutritious beef for our customers. We invite you to join our growing number of customers. Find out more by emailing me or calling me. If you're in the area, we'd love to have you come by for a visit!

               FARMER DAN