We believe this: the food we eat has a direct relationship with our health. Eat better, live better. 

So we aim high with the beef we graze at Heartstone Farm. We want it to be healthy, natural and delicious.  

That may sound like a lofty goal in this day and age of GMOs and factory farms. But it’s actually quite simple.

We raise beef the way nature intended. A cow’s digestive system is designed for one kind of food - grass. Not corn. Not grain. So, we feed our cattle grass (and their mother’s milk) from birth. They graze the pastures on our 300 acre farm, moving to a new pasture every day. And when winter comes, they feed on the hay (grass) we harvested from our fields during the growing season.

We treat them humanely, with respect and, yes, love.

We’re proud of the steaks, roasts, and hamburger we produce. The compliments we get from our customers sustain us every day in our commitment to growing nutritious, healthy, great tasting beef.

Thank you for your support,