Heartstone Farm

The Ultimate Grilling Box


Our very best steaks are included in this hand-picked selection - for the best grilling of the summer!

Treat your family and friends to an amazing experience. Enjoy Heartstone Farm 100% Grass Fed beef - knowing that the tasty beef you're enjoying was raised right here on our lush Maine pastures.

You’ll get some of our best gourmet steaks - full of flavor and tender as can be. We add on top of that our all-star Ribeye Steaks (4) - the juiciest of all our steaks. As a bonus you’ll get 9 of our amazing 6 OZ burger patties.

The Ultimate Grilling Box will feed 12-14.

You get:

2 Bone-In Porterhouse Steaks (avg 1 lb)

2 T-bone Steaks (avg 1 lb)

4 Ribeye Steaks (avg 1 lb)

9 Burger Patties (6 oz each, 3 to a package)

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