Heartstone Farm

Fall Stockup Box


Up here in Central Maine there's been a definite shift in the season - so we're prompted to think about stocking up. Around here that means it's really time to get going with the wood pile, and to finish the canning...and to fill the freezer with some good protein.

Our Fall Stockup Box includes some wonderful cuts - steaks, ground beef, stew meat. And it's a great buy - save $60 off the price if you purchased these cuts separately.

42 Servings

Here's what we pack in your box:

What’s included:

5 lbs of Sirloin Tip Steak

2 lbs of Stew Meat

5 lbs of Ground Beef

5 New York Sirloin steaks 10 oz. each

Heartstone Farm beef is raised right here on our 500 acre farm in the heart of Maine. Our beef is all natural, humanely treated without antibiotics or GMO feed - ever. Our beef is dry aged for 14 days and then flash frozen for ultimate taste and freshness.

Supplies are limited, so please order early.