Heartstone Farm

Crockpot Box


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We love our Crockpots - especially on crisp Sundays here in Maine! And Crockpots are good for so many beef dishes - roasts, stews, chili, and more! This package includes our delicious ground beef - perfect for meatloaf, chili, or burgers. Then we’ve got a delicious Chuck Roast, plus juicy short ribs and finally stew meat. This gift will provide plenty of enjoyable nights - a true gift of good local all natural food for the family table.

Heartstone Farm beef is raised right here on our 500 acre farm in the heart of Maine. Our beef is all natural, humanely treated without antibiotics or GMO feed - ever. Our beef is dry aged for 14 days and then flash frozen for ultimate taste and freshness.

What’s included:

2 lbs of our amazing tasting Ground Beef (perfect for chili, meatloaf, or burgers)

3 lbs of our juicy fall off the bone Short Ribs (perfect for the Crock Pot)

2 lbs of our flavorful Stew Meat (who doesn’t love beef stew?)

1 Roast or Brisket (avg 2.5-3.5 bs) These are top round roast or eye round roast or chuck roast or sirloin tip roast or brisket