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Farmer Dan Steak Salt

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"I created this blend myself in collaboration with my friend Stephen Cook who owns Maine Sea Salt. It's got everything our steaks need - and nothing more."

- Farmer Dan

2.3 oz shaker

Ingredients: Maine Sea Salt, black peppercorns, garlic

We’re purists about our beef - and the only thing we recommend adding is Farmer Dan Steak Salt made with Maine Sea Salt.

Farmer Dan Steak Salt is a blend of Maine Sea Salt, Garlic and Pepper. Pat your steak dry, cover with Steak Salt, and rub it in. Slap on the grill. It's that easy.

Farmer Dan Steak Salt can be used in tomato sauce, poultry, pork, mashed potatoes, soup, and vegetables - you name it.

  • Fresh Atlantic Sea Salt
  • Natural trace minerals from The Atlantic
  • No additives or Iodine added
  • Hand-Harvested
  • Solar Evaporated
  • Unrefined
  • Kosher Certified
  • Reusable grinder

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