Heartstone Farm

The Great Smoker's Box (NEW!)


This one is for the smoking aficionados out there - our best smoking cuts.

For anyone who follows the adage - great smoked meat starts with great meat - this box has your name on it.

We start with our famous "Grazed in Maine" Brisket. Our customers rave about the flavor, and in this case we've included our biggest and baddest brisket - our 10 lb brisket every smoker will love.

Then there's a Short Rib Plate - a real treat for a real smoker. These are our juiciest smoking cuts (need lots of napkins). We've included one 5-7 lb plate.

And don't forget the chicken - in this case, we've added in two delicious Spatchcock chickens from Tide Mill Organic Farm.

And finally - you always need burger. And we've got 2 pounds of our 14-day dry-aged ground beef.

As a gift - or a treat for yourself - the Smoker's Box is perfect for summer smoking.


  • 1 Grazed in Maine Brisket (avg 10 lb)
  • 1 Short Rib Plate (avg 6-7 lb)
  • 2 Spatchcock Chicken (avg 4 lb each)
  • 2 14-Day Dry Aged Ground Beef