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Spatchcock Chicken


$28.50 (avg. 3.5-4.2 lbs)

Limit 6 per customer

Farmer Dan Note: I'll be honest - I had no idea what Spatchcock chicken was until a year ago. But now I'm a huge fan of this chicken - especially for summer grilling!

Spatchcock chicken has the backbone cut out. Why spatchcock? Crispy skin and shorter cooking time! The even shape makes it easier to cook, and with the heat hitting all sides more evenly, you get maximum crispy skin coverage.

"Finally chicken that actually tastes list chicken. We were blown away." - Chuck Jackson, South Portland, Maine

Tide Mill chickens eat the stuff chickens should eat: fresh grass, organic grains, seaweed, and lots of juicy bugs. And because they eat only natural, delicious things, they themselves are natural and delicious. This chicken has a full, rich flavor that reflects the quality and respect Tide Mill brings to their care.

No growth hormones. No antibiotics.

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