Farmer Dan's Sampler Box - Heartstone Farm 100% Grass Fed Beef

Farmer Dan's Sampler Box - Heartstone Farm 100% Grass Fed Beef



The temperature is dipping down to the single digits (and worse), but the good news is it’s time to make stew, and a good Sunday roast and maybe that special meatloaf recipe! And that’s why we created this special Winter Sampler Box - so you can try some of our amazing tasting, all natural, 100% grass fed Heartstone Farm beef!

Heartstone Farm beef is raised right here on our 300 acre farm in the heart of Maine. Our beef is all natural, humanely treated without antibiotics or GMO feed - ever. Our beef is dry aged for 2 weeks and then flash frozen for ultimate taste and freshness.

Our supplies of this special package are very limited - so please only one per customer.

What’s included:

4 lbs of our amazing tasting ground beef (perfect for chili, meatloaf, or burgers)

4 lbs of our juicy fall off the bone short ribs (perfect for the Crock Pot)

2 lbs of our flavorful stew meat (who doesn’t love beef stew?)

1 roast (avg 3-4 lbs) These are top round roast or eye round roast or chuck roast

The regular price is over $125, but with this offer it’s only $94 with FREE SHIPPING*

*FREE SHIPPING now available throughout the Northeast - from Maine to Ohio. Free shipping to anywhere in the Northeast - from Maine to Ohio. Email us for shipping rates outside the Northeast.

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“This is delicious, and having this available is a wonderful change of pace from the normal beef that you would get from a grocery store. No comparison. Hands down, the freshest and best!”

- Sherrie Downing, Maine