100% Grass Fed - Our Commitment

We are committed  to the welfare of the animals we raise, the sustainability of our planet, and the health of our families. The key to accomplishing this is compassion and a respect for nature’s way. Taste the difference that goodness creates.

Our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished from start to finish. No grain. No antibiotics. No GMOs. They have access to pasture year-round.

Our grass fed beef has been proven to be healthier in so many ways! (Not to mention how delicious it is!)

Conventional beef operations take cattle during their last three months to finish on a diet of corn and grain. They are confined in small, crowded feedlots and never set foot on pasture again. While this may result in meat well marbled with fat which provides the tenderness Americans have grown to expect, the meat can be bland and no longer contains high levels of the healthy Omega 3 and CLA fatty acids.

The research on the benefits of grass-fed beef (versus grain-fed)  just keeps coming.  

To read more about the health benefits of grassfed beef go to Eat Wild or Wise Traditions.