100% Grass fed and Grass Finished - Our cattle consume nothing but their mother's milk and the natural grasses from the open pastures they graze - their entire life. 

No Grain or Animal By-Products - Of course, 100% grass fed simply means no grains are ever fed to our cattle. It's just as important to us that our cattle are never fed any animal by-products.


Family Farmer Raised -  We're dedicated to  producing great quality gourmet beef and to having a personal relationship with our customers and their families.

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Humane Treatment  - Our cattle graze open pastures their entire lives and are never feedlot-confined. 

life on the farm 


Just had some Heartstone Farm beef for dinner tonight and it was the first time having locally raised, grass-fed beef. It is amazing tasting! Thanks Heartstone Farm!!
— Tommy Hufford, Old Town, Maine
Dan, the beef is some of the best tasting beef I ever had!!We have had the ground beef and ribeye so far. I may be looking to see if you have any stew beef to sell? I would not mind getting some more.
— John Haney, Hermon, ME
I have eaten at every major steakhouse there is and I can tell you without question that the steaks from your farm were the best I have ever tasted.
— Chuck Goldman, Boston
Absolutely amazing!!!!! Have tried everything from the burgers to the T-bone steaks!!! Really looking forward to visiting the farm later this spring!!
— Andrea Kolden, Hudson, NH
I’ve had this beef and it was spectacular!... OMG!
— Scott and Hether Shulman, Peterborough, NH
Excellent! Made some Frikadellers (Danish meatballs) that were awesome and some beef stew so far. What a difference from store bought. Will def be ordering again! maybe have to go pick it up this time to check out the farm!
— Lonna Nielsen, N. Berwick, ME