Heartstone Farm

Our Famous "Grazed In Maine" Beef Brisket

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Who knew brisket could be this good? Whether for your smoker, your slow cooker, your instant cooker or your barbecue pit, that's your call. But one thing is for sure - our 100% Grass Fed Heartstone Farm brisket is the best.

"The brisket was so flavorful that I was savoring the meat and surveying my kids plates for any tasty morsels that they may have overlooked. Needless to say, I have another one in the freezer!!" - Gail Hackelberg, Ellsworth, Maine

If you’re looking for a wonderful, flavorful brisket - you’ve come to the right place. Read our 5-star reviews below.

All Heartstone Farm beef is dry aged for 14 days. Our briskets are then flash frozen and sealed in airtight cryovac to insure they're super fresh.

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