Heartstone Farm

14-Day Dry Aged Strip Steaks


$16 (avg. 7-9 oz)

$26 (avg 14-16 oz) Limited availability.

Since you can't go out to a restaurant for a great steak - how about having a couple of restaurant-quality Strip Steaks at home!

After the stress we've all been through the past few weeks - you and your honey deserve a treat. And that's just what these Strip Steaks are all about!

We just got these in and they are beautiful. - Farmer Dan

The Strip Steak goes by many names: New York Strip, Kansas City Strip. Sirloin. But beneath all those names is a classic piece of meat: tight texture, defined grain, rich flavor, and lots of tender marbling.

At Heartstone Farm we dry age our beef for 14 days. Our Strip Steaks are then flash-frozen and sealed in airtight cryovac to insure they're super fresh.

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