Tide Mill Organic Farm

Organic Whole Chicken



"Finally chicken that actually tastes list chicken. We were blown away." - Chuck Jackson, South Portland, Maine

We are pleased to introduce wonderful organic chicken from our friends at Tide Mill Organic Farm in Edmunds, Maine!

Tide Mill chickens eat the stuff chickens should eat: fresh grass, organic grains, seaweed, and lots of juicy bugs. And because they eat only natural, delicious things, they themselves are natural and delicious. This chicken has a full, rich flavor that reflects the quality and respect Tide Mill brings to their care.

No growth hormones. No antibiotics.


From Martha Horne,  Holden, Maine

"I roasted a Tide Mill whole chicken yesterday and my family LOVED it! I kept it simple, just put a little salt in the cavity, roasted at 350 degrees for 90 minutes, basting a few times, and taking the roaster cover off for the last 30 minutes. It was plump, juicy, and SO TASTY and TENDER! We are looking forward to the leftovers and I am going to continue to get my chicken from Heartstone Farm!"

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